August 22, 2017

Online Shopping Statistics – Is Your Offline Business Suffering

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Are you an Online Shopper?…Online Shopping

The Online Shopping Statistics says that its a fair chance that you are…. and so is your neighbor.

So why are so many businesses resisting to taking their business online with any real purpose, it doesn’t make sense, especially when you look at some of the stats compiled by a recent Price-Waterhouse-Coopers survey (+others):

According to these surveys:

  • 92 percent of Consumers use websites to compare prices
  • 76 percent of Consumers use websites to access and print coupons
  • 75 percent of Consumers purchase at least 1 products or services per month via the Internet
  • 70 percent of Consumers use mobile phones to find out where the nearest store is located
  • 70 percent of Consumers want to see what goods are in stock before going into the store
  • 26 percent of Consumers spend at least $500 per month via the Internet

Certainly these stats mirror my own shopping behaviors, and many people I know. The Internet certainly give us access to so much information at our fingertips, it has also supplied a whole new choice of products to the consumer.

Global Online Shopping Statistics

The evolution and the improvement of global supply chains has meant that international retailers are able to deliver to Australians (& other overseas consumers), more cost effectively and quickly, removing what was previously a major  barrier to online shopping for the consumer.

Global E-Commerce Sales are tipped to exceed 1 Trillion dollars US by 2013, with sales growth of 19% per year, which is nothing to be sneezed at. In my own opinion, companies which ignore these stats are leaving money on the table, and potentially risking their own future.

It stands to reason that consumers worldwide are changing their shopping habits, and are heading online to shop driven by lower prices, greater convenience and access to broader selection of product to choose from.

Australian Online Shopping Statistics

At home here in Australia, Online Shoppers are tipped to spend more than $21.7 billion in 2015, up from $13.6 billion this year. Business Success

Business Analysts are echoing that some sectors of the Australian offline retail industry are particularly at risk from the trend to shopping online offshore, including clothing, cosmetics, recreational/sporting products, footwear, gaming, books, and magazines. Analysts are predicting 44% of that is expected be spent at overseas web-sites.

Interestingly, these Online Shopping Statistics indicate that only 39% of Australian businesses have a web-site,  and only 32% of them use their site to sell products or services.

So in total, only around 12% of Australians businesses are using an e-commerce to transact with their customers. When you consider all the online shopping statistic above,  this it the most alarming stat for the bottom line of Australian business.

How to get your Business on the right side of these statistics

Taking your business online doesn’t need to be an ordeal.

If you have an offline business, and would like to find out how to successfully take your business online, whether it be an E-Commerce Store or a Business Website, email Cade at Aussie Website Solutions to book a free 30 minute consultation.

Have a most outstanding day,

Cade Arnel

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  1. Nice looking post on Online Shopping Statistics Cade and great that you’re offering a 30 minute free consultation.

  2. Hi Cade,
    Your Online Shopping Statistics, is very interesting I would have thought everyone who is serious about their business would be online

  3. H cade,

    I like how you have broken it down into % of who is online, and who is not using online Shopping for their business needs. I am so surprised that Offline businesses are not jumping on board with ecommerce sites. Great idea to have a free consulation and see what your online business can offer to companies that sell products.

    I have to admit that we do most of our shopping online!


  4. Wow, these online shopping statistics are really interesting. These figures should really make those who have an offline business but haven’t yet ventured into the online world sit up and pay attention.

  5. Hi Cade

    The statistics are interesting and a bit scary for Aussie businesses. It never crossed my mind that companies who have websites, are not necessarily selling products or services from these sites. Just imagine what they could acheive with the right advise from someone in the know, like yourself.

  6. Hi Cade,

    It looks like I am very much in line with the statistical consumer.
    Online Shopping Statistics are really interesting, as they show that as a business owner you really need to get into the online game to not miss out on potential clients.

  7. Those statistics for online shopping are mind blowing. I can’t believe anyone in todays business world, isn’t jumping in on the opportunities of online marketing and allowing customers to shop with them 24hrs a day, 7 days a week.

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