December 16, 2017

BigCommerce Review – An Introduction

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BigCommerce Shopping Cart

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In today’s business world, it is necessary to have an online presence, and more and more that means that you need to have something other than just a website. You also need to be able to reach and serve all of those people who want to do their shopping online.

Ecommerce is hugely important to anyone who is selling any type of product or information, but you need to make sure that you have a great company behind you for your online shopping carts and sales needs.

There are many Shopping Carts in the market place to choose from, but the best shopping cart software today comes from Bigcommerce, and this Bigcommerce review will begin to show you why.

Why Choose BigCommerce for Ecommerce?

No Bigcommerce review would be complete without going into all of the things that this company can offer. For someone who is new to ecommerce software, one of the biggest reasons that this is the right choice, is that BigCommerce makes it very easy to sell both physical and digital product online.

With other shopping carts, typical you need to get a web developer to combine all the ingedients & configure software, hosting, security certificates, payment gateways, etc… and then upload your product images and descriptions. Which can be tricky even for a seasoned Web Designer.

With BigCommerce you get a website, shopping cart, 95+ SEO designer templates to choose from, hosting, shared SSL and more… ready to upload your products with simple control panel setup… and best of all you can Try it for free!

BigCommerce Control Panel

Take Advantage of the Bigcommerce Functionality…

Shopping carts by nature can be tedious and time consuming to setup. But Bigcommerce makes it simple to customize the look of your store, populate products, configure your shipping, payment & tax options, integrate email marketing and much more. The company is the easiest of the shopping cart companies to use and for those who don’t have a lot of time or technical knowledge that simplicity is a huge advantage. It saved me a stack of time setting my store up, and its easy to change or updated as things progress with your business.

Don’t let the simplicity fool you though. Even though the cart and tools are very easy to use with their point and click interface, it will help give you the edge over your competition with its market leading functionality. Delving further into the Bigcommerce review, you will find out some other great benefits.

Click Here For The BigCommerce Feature Highlights

Easily Customize the Look of Your Online Store…

You will be able to set up the shopping cart the way you want it. You will be able to change the look and the layout of your online store with just a few clicks. It’s easy to do, and you can experiment with the appearance until you get it the way that you like. In addition, you will not have to worry about figuring out how to incorporate SEO and marketing tools because they are integrated with the package.

Create Customer Confidence with Detailed Photos…

Because photos are such an important element of ecommerce, you can’t leave them out of a Bigcommerce review. With a Bigcommerce store, you will be able to add an unlimited amount of photos of your products. The software takes care of turning your photos into thumbnails that the customers will then be able to click to get a larger size. You even have multiple ways of getting your photos onto your store. You could upload them directly, grab them from another spot on the web, or share photos from one product to another.

BigCommerce Shopping Cart

This Bigcommerce review touched on just a few of the key reasons that you should start using this software for your online store. The great prices, and a trial period so you can test it out, and the customer resources and service are some more reasons you should try this product. You will want to use Bigcommerce for an online store because it is the all-in-one solution for ecommerce. No matter how large or small your company, you will find that they have a solution that works for you.

Launch your own ecommerce store with BigCommerce. It is the all-in-one shopping cart software package, that is easy to use, SEO ready, and is packed with marketing tools . Try it Today for Free!


  1. Hello Cade,

    What a great service bigcommerce is! Never realised how much it could do…..from smaller images to bigger images that can be clicked on. To even a free trial period! Sounds like the best application for when you have a product to sell, and a store front. Will have to keep this in mind for when I need it :)


  2. Hi Cade – I will definitely take a closer look at BigCommerce. I have a website that sells just one physical product and the shopping cart I have is not ideal. From your experience, will BigCommerce work well for a single product? or is it more suitable for multiple products?

    • CartConnoisseur says:

      Hi Jan.
      Yes BigCommerce will work fine for one or thousands of products.
      If your only want to sell one product, I guess it comes down to cost and the product itself.
      I’m currently selling between 60-70 product and current use the Bronze Plan ($25pm), which is plenty at this stage.
      The only other cost I have is Paypal (2.2% ?? on sales). Bigcommerce is a great way to keep your costs down if you want to open an online store.
      Here are the different plans available
      Hope that helps,


      • Thanks Cade,
        It’s probably more than I need to be honest. If you come across any other shopping carts that are good for single products, I’d be keen to read about them. Thanks,

  3. I have recently looked at the bigcommerce shopping cart and like what I see. I never realised you can sell things on ebay through it though. Thanks for the information.

    • CartConnoisseur says:

      Hi Jackie.
      Yes BigCommerce as so many features and functionality (like ebay intergration) its impossible to mention them all in one post.
      I will be digging much deeper in future posts.
      Thanks for stopping by :)


  4. I have seen first hand how easy and versatile the BigCommerce shopping cart is. I know Cade did a lot of research into shopping carts for Sportstrap and he chose BigCommerce because it was easy to set up, cost effective and it had a lot of features and functions.

  5. G’day Cade and Belinda,
    In the words of the prophet ” SIMPLE IS GOOD” Thanks for finding this.
    Dugg, Stumbled Pinged and Hellotxt-ed


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