December 16, 2017


Cade ArnelWelcome to the BigCommerce Review Site.

This page is for those who want to know more about me, Cade Arnel, and why I started this site about BigCommerce Shopping Carts.

While I have been a Web Developer for about 3 years now, my first taste of selling product online was through selling affiliate products while learning from some mentors of mine. Although I had never previously been in business for myself, that feeling of selling my first product online was a awesome feeling and a huge lesson in online retail.

Since those early days, I’ve had a real thirst for online marketing knowledge and in particular ecommerce. I wanted to learn everything from how build websites, to how to rank them, how to source and convert quality traffic, how to provide products and services that make a difference to my customers, and how to best serve them so they will come back again and again.

Shopping Carts can be confusing to understand and tedious to setup, especially if you want to do the set-up yourself. After lots of research and trialing of many of the different Shopping Carts available, I choose the BigCommerce Shopping Cart because it looked very professional, is feature packed, integrates with many different marketing tools, is easy to setup, well supported, and best of all its cost effective.

Knowing the complexities (and sometimes cost) of learning what is required to build a Online Store can be enough to put some would-be online business owner off taking action. So I’ve wanted to create a quality website that makes the journey easy when learning about Shopping Carts, and show what BigCommerce has to offer.

If you want to learn more or perhaps you can have some questions you’d like answered, then please feel free to drop me a line via my Contact Us page.

Whats upcoming on

Tips and Resources Section- Shopping Carts and Ecommerce

A new resource section within with key learning resources and tips about Shopping Carts and the BigCommerce Shopping Cart itself.

New Book – Internet Marketing and Ecommerce.

There is a new book in development that will be written by myself and some close friends about various topics to do with Internet Marketing and Ecommerce.